Meet Rachael

Rachael Katie is an expert cosmetic practitioner, experienced tutor and accomplished entrepreneur working out of her own clinic in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. Rachael began as a cosmetic practitioner by holding successful clinic days for Dermal Filler and Botox treatments in Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth for a number of years. The demand for Rachel's skills grew quickly and these clinic days became so successful that she soon began planning to open up her own clinic in Southampton.

Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth

Rachael Katie Cosmetics opened in 2012 and provides a wide range of treatments including Dermal Filler and Botox, to clients from all over the local area including Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and London. The clinic’s popularity has increased exponentially and available appointments are now hard to come by!

The increased popularity has led to Rachael expanding her team at the clinic to keep up with demand. The team currently boasts six highly qualified, fully insured members of staff including medics and beauty therapists at NQV level 3 and above. 

Botox & Filler Specialist

Rachael specialises in Botox and Filler Treatments and possesses over 12 years of experience in the field. She holds qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology, Core Of Knowledge, Laser Aesthetics, Advanced PDO Threads and all types of lip filler techniques including Russian Lip Filler which have become increasingly popular recently. 

You can find Rachael at the clinic on most days, providing high-quality treatments to both new and returning customers. Over the years, Rachael has built a loyal client base who deeply trust her expertise and skills. 

Passing on the skills to the next generation

A strong passion for aesthetics has driven Rachael to continuously expand both her knowledge of the subject along with her practical skills, which she shares with aspiring practitioners. Her qualifications and expertise give her the opportunity to teach and pass on her knowledge to new generations who arrive at the clinic from all over the UK, looking to develop their own career path in the industry through the R&M Aesthetics Academy.

pathway to aesthetics course beginner qualification
pathway to aesthetics course beginner qualification

A lot of thought and care is put into planning and delivering high quality training courses that hopefully pass on not only the technical skills but also the passion for providing cosmetic treatments that all the best practitioners possess. It’s extremely rewarding for Rachael to teach and mentor positive, young students who aspire to one day open a clinic and serve their own client base.

Although it can be challenging to manage a team of staff members and ensure everything at both the clinic and academy are running smoothly, Rachael is a calm, reassuring presence around the shop and provides guidance and expertise to her community of staff and customers, while at the same time always striving to meet not only her clients expectations but also her own.

A friendly community

The success of both Rachael Katie Cosmetics and the R&M Aesthetics Academy has created something that Rachael is extremely proud of, a warm, friendly community among the staff, trainees and customers around the clinic.

Expansion plans

Future plans to expand and open premises in Winchester, Portsmouth and maybe even London are on the cards in the not too distant future as Rachael hopes to bring affordable, high-quality cosmetic treatments combined with warm, friendly customer service to people all over Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and the rest of the south of England.

Rachael has also launched here own line of skincare products which you can find at


Rachael Katie Cosmetics offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures to keep you looking younger for longer.

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