Laser Hair Removal near Winchester

Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic treatment as it results in a more permanent effect than conventional methods and is available at our clinic near Winchester today!
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laser hair removal near winchester

Laser Hair Removal near Winchester

Just think no more shaving, waxing or painful epilation, which can even lead to shaving spots and ingrown hairs.

Our laser hair removal is the latest technology, treating all skin types, we use medical grade lasers that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Start your skin journey today at Rachael Katie Cosmetics, our clinic in Southampton has highly experienced laser technicians who will be carrying out your treatments.

Laser Hair removal targets unwanted hair. This light source heats and destroys hair follicles in the skin, which disrupts hair growth. Common areas to treat are the face, chest, legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.

Available at our clinic, 20 minutes from Winchester.

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laser hair removal near winchester

We can treat all skin types

We use the latest technology, targeting grey and red hair and all skin types unlike older methods. Our machine also has the bonus of rejuvenating the skin and leaving you feeling silky smooth. Laser hair removal will have a huge benefit on your daily routine, and comes highly recommended.

Is it painful? Laser hair removal is not painful, you will feel a slight sting. Nothing like waxing or epilation! Laser hair removal reduces the hair growth minimising shaving and ingrown hairs.

We also offer SHR super hair removal, which is pain-free as it’s done at a faster pace using more shots per session.

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laser hair removal near winchester

Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Most people have 8-10 hair growths, every 4-6 weeks. We would recommend sessions every 4-6 weeks to kill every hair growth. After every session you will notice a reduction in the hair growth, but please finish your course for the hair to go completely as unfinished courses will not give you the full effect.

You will require a top up of one session every 12-18 months once you’ve finished the original course. Please be wary of clinics claiming laser hair removal is permanent as this is not the case. Even though top ups are required this treatment is still highly effective. The hair growth after the course is very minimal or even non existent for some clients and skin is tight and rejuvenated.

Avoid direct sunlight or fake tan 10 days prior to your treatment. Also, if the skin is very tanned from the sun you must allow the tan to fade a bit before treatment. Call our Southampton clinic for further advice.
Do not let the area overheat for 48 hrs after your treatment. Avoid hot baths, showers, steam rooms and direct sunlight for the first 48 hours. Avoid catching a deep tan between your sessions and we recommend getting your laser hair removal treatment in the winter months.
Avoid waxing, epilating or threading prior to your session as laser hair removal requires a present hair follicle to kill. We require you to shave between sessions and just before your treatment so that there is no hair growth when you come for your session.
Yes. Our process utilises the latest technology and allows us to treat all skin types using different energy levels and filters unlike IPL.


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Laser Hair Removal
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Extra small area - £20
Small area - £30
Medium area - £50
Large area - £60
Extra large area - £80

20% off block bookings of four of more treatments

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