Dermal Fillers & Botox near Winchester

Anti-wrinkle Botox Injections & Dermal Fillers smooth out fine lines & wrinkles while providing volume where you need it. Call our clinic that's 20 minutes from Winchester or book online now!
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anti wrinkle injections dermal filler in Winchester

Botox & Dermal Filler Treatments near Winchester

We offer a range of botox and dermal filler treatments from our clinic near Winchester. Dermal Fillers ‘fill in” and “plump up” areas that have lost volume and firmness due to loss of fatty tissues through ageing.

Dermal fillers can also be used to contour the face by creating higher cheek bones, sharpen the jawline, add chin definition, straighten nose humps, lift the nose tip, plump the lips and fill wrinkles.

Botulinum Toxin or “Botox” is a great option if you’re looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It is injected superficially and freezes the muscles in that particular area that cause deep lines and wrinkles on movement.

Botox injections also reduces pore size and help with excess sweating.

Our clinic is only 20 minutes drive from Winchester.

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botox & dermal filler near winchester

Fillers & Botox

Dermal Fillers - from £90

Dermal Fillers are unlike the older Collagen Fillers that aesthetic practitioners used in the 80’s and 90s. The filler is crossed linked with hyaluronic acid (a substance our bodies produce naturally) and is not sourced from animals , which means that it dissolves easily) presenting minimal risks and side effects.

Treatment areas include:

  • Lips
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Frown Lines
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Tear Troughs
  • Chin
  • Smokers Lines
  • Smile Lines
  • Liquid Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
  • Wrinkles On Rest
  • Temple Filler

Dermal Filler treatments and more are available at our clinic near Winchester today!

dermal filler after
Lips and nose treated with dermal filler
dermal filler before after
Nose hump treated with dermal filler
dermal filler nose
Cheeks, jawline, lips, and nose treated with dermal filler
chin jouls filler
Chin and jowls treated with dermal filler

Botox Injections - from £90

Treatment areas include:

  • Forehead
  • Frown Lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Bunny Lines
  • Smokers Lines
  • Gummy Smile
  • Lip Flip
  • Nose Tip Lift
  • Dimple Chin
  • Under Eyes
  • Plasma band
  • Calf slimming
  • Masseter (jaw muscle)
  • Hyperhidrosis (underams)

Anti-wrinkle treatments and more are available at our clinic near Winchester today!

botox treatment near winchester
Three areas of Botox performed

Dermal Filler FAQ's

Numbing agent is applied to the area to make the experience more comfortable.
Dermal fillers are safe in the correct hands as they are dissolvable unlike old products. They are now made using hyaluronic acid (which your body produces naturally). The dermal filler we use is soft so there will be less risk of leaving lumps. Bruising and swelling are common side effects.
Avoid sunbathing and sunbeds, always use factor 50 on your face to prevent early signs of ageing.
Smoking is not recommended for 4 hrs after your lip filler treatment. Smoking is fine if you are treating another area.
Drinking alcohol is not recommended for 48 hours before & after your treatment because it slows down the healing process meaning swelling and bruising will be present for longer.
Makeup is not recommended for 4 hours after your treatment. Makeup should then be applied using clean brushes to prevent any infection.
If you suffer from cold sores I would recommend taking oral medication 7 days before and after your treatment to prevent an outbreak.
Bruises can occur after your treatment, usually lasting 2-14 days. Arnica tablets taken 7 days prior to your treatment can help to prevent bruising.
You will be tender and maybe swollen for 2-14 day. For lip filler treatments you are likely to experience more swelling for the first 3 days.
You cannot fly for 14 days after your treatment as it will increase any swelling you may have.
Dermal filler results are instant but swelling means that you won’t see the true results until 2-4 weeks after your treatment.
Dermal filler is becoming increasingly popular among young people because it’s a safe, non-surgical process that can be used to contour and change the face shape such as creating more prominent cheekbones and jawlines. Our minimum age for treatment is 18.
It depends on your treatment plan, 1.1ml – 6.6ml usually takes between 15-90 minutes.
We advise you to avoid excessive sweating for 7 days after treatment.

Botox FAQ's

Botox is a slight sting, but it’s over very quickly.
There are minimal side effects with anti-wrinkle injections. Drooping eyelids is probably the most common but can be avoided with good placement of the injections and can be corrected. Please ensure your practitioner is experienced. Although it is classed as a toxin and is a prescription only medicine, after many studies there is no evidence of any long term side effects.
Very little bruising can occur, but not often.
Avoid hot direct sunlight on the area for 14 days after your treatment.
Between 2-14 days after your treatment.
Yes I offer a free top up, only if needed.
From the age of 18, I would recommend starting before deep wrinkles occur.
Botox can also be used to lift the brows, create a nose tip lift, reduce sweating, stop teeth grinding.
Yes flying is fine.
Laying down is not recommended for four hours after your treatment.
Makeup is not recommended for 4 hrs after your treatment, until the injection points are closed over to prevent infection.
Avoid excessive sweating for 7 days after treatment.


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Prices from £90

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